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Notice on holding 2022 national social science fund application special training exchange meeting (2)

Release date: December 15, 2021

1、 Time and place of the meeting

Time: 14:30-18:00, December 16, 2022 (Thursday);

Venue: conference room No.209, office building, West District, Chang'an campus.

2、 Meeting content

(1) Special training

Training experts: Zhang Weiqun, Ph.D., Professor, Dean of School of statistics, Xi'an University of Finance and economics, supervisor of master of statistics and quantitative economics, and person in charge of the construction of "first-class discipline" and "first-class specialty" of provincial statistics.

The main social part-time jobs include vice president of informatization branch of China Statistical Society, executive director of China Statistical Education Society, executive director of China Enterprise Statistics society, executive director of China business statistics society, and executive director of big data statistics branch of China field statistics society.

He is the chief expert of National Social Science Foundation major project (21 & zd147). The research fields include the construction and application of economic measurement theory and model, multi-objective spatial sampling theory and application, statistical data quality diagnosis and control theory research, data mining statistical algorithm design, etc.

He has presided over 4 major projects, key projects and general projects of the National Social Science Fund, 3 general projects of national statistical science research, and participated in more than 30 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects; He has published more than 80 academic papers, 2 of which have been reprinted in the full text of the National People's Congress of Chinese people's Congress, 7 academic papers reported by the International Congress of Statistical Sciences (ISI), and moderator of the sub forum of "sampling research topic" of the 56th International Congress of statistical sciences; He has published 7 academic works and won 8 provincial and ministerial awards for scientific research achievements.

(2) Discussion and exchange

1. Experts comment on the project application form;

2. Free communication.

3、 Participants

All teachers are welcome to attend the meeting; Those who meet the requirements of national social science fund application should actively participate in the meeting.

4、 Meeting requirements

Wear a mask, sign in 10 minutes in advance and keep the phone silent.

Office of Academic Research

December 15, 2021

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